Father’s Day! 👨‍👧‍👦

Here’s a day to recall and remember all the fabulous things our dads have done for us and the abundant love they’ve showered on us so we could be happy, always!

So, talking about dads, my father is my hero, my guide, my crime partner, my advisor, my friend, my protector and all other great things a man can be. Daughters occupy a special place in their father’s hearts and That comes along with some uber privileges that our male siblings don’t get.

From birthdays to outings, apparel to stationeries, food to pocket money, daughters have an upper hand. Isn’t that awesome?!

A father may be too strict, too lenient, too dominating, too possessive, too protective and it all comes down to the love and care that he has on his kids. He is insecure , afraid, frightful, worried, anxious, about his child’s life and yet so loving and caring that there isn’t a single day when he sleeps without knowing how the day has been for his child. And, that’s what makes him a gentleman!

And it’s rightfully said that, A father is someone who you’ll look upto no matter how tall you grow. 🙂

If I am able to write a post for him today, it’s the sweet fruit of all his efforts to get me educated, and be independent. Not to forget his best advices throughout my life. The only person who I can run to and count on irrespective of the concern, is him.

This day, I thank him with all my heart for all the selfless love shown to me for without his guiding light I’d be lost and clueless.

Thank you for being my guiding light ❤️

Happy Father’s Day 😊

Here’s a great quote to end with 😀

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An ode to nature! 💐

The Soothing winds

The rustling of the leaves

The silence of the illuminating moon 

The twinkling of the brightest stars

The moving clouds and the dark sky that’s hidden beneath

The fragrance of the night and the whispers of the flowers that bloom overnight

What have I seen if not for all this, in this short span of my life,

Thanking the almighty for giving me an opportunity to live amidst this amazingly brilliant nature and enjoy it’s perks.

How do I pay back to this awesomeness ,you nature has bestowed upon me 

All I could do is conserve you with care and love ❤ 

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All of us have dreams. Dreams that keep our monkey minds occupied atleast for a few hours. Dreams that are the reason for us to wake up every morning with a purpose. Dreams that would change our lives for the good. 

But, what if a dream turns out to put an end to your precious life? What if it turns you into an object full of negativity? What if your dream is your own enemy? 

Well, there are many such unanswered questions in my head right now. For all I know, it would be too late by the time we would realise that a dream or a goal is not meant for us or, is not going to help us grow personally. Before you set out to make those wonderful dreams come true, set your priorities right! Messing with the priorities can mess your life up to an extent that’s unchangeable. 

This, is a sure shot way to achieve your dreams because right priorities are gonna put everything in place at the right time. Delving too much into acheiveing a goal is only gonna leave us stressed and confused. Instead, have a thoughtful & a confident mind. As the saying goes, “Don’t let any small minds convince that your dreams are too big”

Live by this! 
All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.

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Dudhsagared Part -2

The Solitary Writer

Dudhsagared – Part 2


        It was 4.30 PM when we finally finished our photo-shoot and had enjoyed looking at the majestic waterfalls, experiencing the atmosphere to the fullest. We remembered that the return train arrives at Dudhsagar exactly at 5:15 PM. Without wasting much time, we started walking towards the station. It took us about 20 minutes to reach the station and to our surprise there were about more than 200 people waiting to board the same train. The fact was that the train which we were about to board was the last passenger train to reach the castle rock. If we miss that, we either have to wait till next morning or have to walk 14 Kms back on the railway track.

When we reached the station we planned on how to get into the train and the plan was,

  1. Split the group into 5 teams of…

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International Student: A Guide to Study Abroad



Hello fellow travel lovers!

If you’re an International Student, or you just can’t wait to start packing for your study abroad, this post is for you!

As an international student, you’ve got a lot to soak in within a limited amount of time. Here are a few tips on how to make the most out of your experience studying abroad!

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Wings of love

Random Thoughts....

She smiled as she opened her eyes
Said I have always been her favorite child
It was just a testing time she said
No more do u have to cry
As the worst is over,the best is yet to come
So smile and let the worries die
Then she tightly wrapped me in her arms
Saying its time for her to leave
I smiled as she bid goodbye
Opening her wings
She flew into the night sky

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Into the skies I glanced, saw the twinkling stars
So were the Golden studs in her sharp ears
I often questioned her like it was my right
But she patiently answered me with all her might

I demanded every single thing I saw
She calmed me down with a sweet vow
She fed me, played with me, held me
And never let me hurt my knee

She is a wonder woman, A super mom
Having her aside grief had no room
She has magic in her eyes , her words and her touch
To which, nothing in this universe can stand as a match..

She is selfless, full of love & charm
An angel who does no harm
I wish to give her everything that she has showered in me
And see her smile in joy & be forever Happy ♡


Happy Mothers Day to All the Lovely Mothers! You deserve The Best! 🙂

This post is an entry for mother’s day contest by kreativemommy.

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